Our Goal

DJs are a mysterious breed. You hear a strong well modulated voice talking to you over the air, answering your questions and playing your favourite music. You feel a certain oneness, a close bonding with DJs while they are on air and yet would not in all probability give them a second glance if they walked by you on the road.

However, be assured that the role of a DJ is tough and challenging but well rewarding. You will in all probability come face to face with them at promotional events, local bars and dance clubs but in spite of it all, rarely will you come to know them personally. They work behind the scenes, fulfil craving for music of the populace but remain a mystery and an enigma.

This is the position that we at http://www.nightworksaudio.com.au seek to set right. It is the goal of this blog site to demystify the role of DJs and bring their roles, responsibilities and duties to our readers in very simple and easy to understand terms.

Those aspiring to be DJs will find our blog site especially useful. We will guide our readers on the steps that should be taken to be a success in this profession. For example few know that a passion for music is not enough to be a top ranking DJ. One has to go through an associates or bachelors in radio broadcasting to be picked up by the studios. Further, experience matters too and hence an internship or job with a college studio will boost chances of getting a job as a DJ.

Where there is DJ, audio automatically comes into the picture. It is also our focus to make our blog site a much desired spot for music lovers. Hence, we will have blogs on the latest chart busters, young and upcoming musicians and concerts around the world to look forward to.

To make our site meaningful and more interactive, we seek write-ups from music lovers and especially DJs to update our readers of the latest happenings from the music world. We have no restrictions on topic provided it pertains to our niche of DJ/audio. Reviews of the latest releases will be more than welcome and DJs can give their own likings or the tracks most sought for and compile their own personal top 10.

Our only stipulation is that the blogs should be original and unpublished pieces. We will inform by email once they are posted on our site.